R. Bruce Wilkins, PGA


Bruce's path to golf instruction and coaching was unique, in that he did not have a professional playing career. Bruce became a serious student of golf in his twenties, and once introduced, he embraced it completely. Bruce became a very proficient player, and in doing so, met many golf professionals and accomplished instructors. He developed a passion for instruction through these relationships, and entered the industry with the goal of teaching and coaching. After gaining his Class A status with the PGA of America, Bruce was fortunate to work at several of Arizona's premier golf courses including Tucson Country Club and Ventana Canyon Resort. Bruce's career has also included time working for Troon Golf Management at Sun Valley Resort's Elkhorn, in his home state of Idaho, and as a private coach for some of China's top-ranked junior players in San Diego, California, where he took one student to top honors at the Callaway Junior Worlds. Bruce is now the Director of Instruction at the Running Y Ranch Resort in Southern Oregon. He is also an Instructor and Swing Coach for the Oregon Tech Men's and Women's collegiate golf teams. 

Bruce's instructional foundation has been built on historic principles and time-honored fundamentals, and at the same time, embraces technology, science, and modern methods of analysis and understanding. He is a true student of the game. Bruce has a passion for knowledge and continually works to enhance his own skills. As an instructor, Bruce has been certified by Tathata Golf, BODITRAK, TrackMan, GolfTEC and the Titleist Performance Institute. He uses V1 high speed video analysis and is one of the first instructors in the state of Oregon to offer BODITRAK Sport pressure mapping. As a coach, Bruce works towards facilitating growth in his players by interpreting the latest advances in technology and creating an environment that promotes success.

Bruce understands that while technology is a great tool, the "art" of coaching lies in communication. A patient and devoted instructor, Bruce enjoys working with golfers of all ages and abilities. Bruce understands there are many ways to swing a golf club, and one efficient way for each individual to maximize their potential based on what he or she can do physically. He strives to individualize each lesson, helping players improve by communicating a better understanding of their patterns and motion. Lower scores, longevity, and love of the game are his goals for every student.