Friction and Spin

Spin on a ball is created by five main factors: friction, dynamic loft of the club at impact, contact point (on the club face), speed of the swing and a premium golf ball. One of the keys to generating a spinning wedge shot is high friction between club and ball. High friction between club and ball will produce more spin. Friction is the force between two surfaces when rubbing together. Two smooth surfaces create little friction, while two rough surfaces create a lot of friction. That is one of the reasons why golf clubs have grooves and golf balls have dimples - the grooves provide the necessary friction that is created as the golf ball slides up the club face. Any matter (dirt, water, grass) that comes between the golf ball and club face, reduces friction and therefore spin. Backspin comes first and foremost from clean, crisp, well-struck shots, hit under optimum conditions. A dirty old golf ball hit from old worn out grooves that have not been cleaned for a week, has no chance of spinning. With education and practice, you can improve dynamic loft, contact point, and speed - but by simply upgrading your wedges, keeping your club face clean, and using a premium golf ball, you can produce more spin. The Running Y has a great selection of wedges and premium balls in our pro-shop and I encourage everyone to try them out.