Small Target, Small Miss

Golf is a target-based sport. We are given a starting point (the tee box) and are challenged to navigate our ball to a given finish (the hole). From start to finish, there are several shots, and every swing of every club should have a target. Many of us fall victim to the wide open setting of the fairway or become careless over what seems to be an easy putt, and our target becomes too general. The next time you play, try choosing a smaller target for a smaller miss. For example, from the tee box, find an exact spot or area in the fairway for your target. Try to visualize the ball-flight and how you want the shot to look all the way to your target. Go through your routine and approach the ball with confidence now that you have "seen" how your ball will be getting to your target. Try the same approach for every shot you make, even the short putts. Pick out an exact target, a blade of grass or a mark on the hole; be mindful of rolling your ball over / to your spot.

Try this method in your play and practice. You might find that your misses start to become smaller and your scores will soon follow.