Indoor Improvement

At the Running Y Ranch Resort, there is finally a winter with snow. In colder climates, golfers tend to get a little "rusty" with their game and feel as though it takes months to get back in shape. Do not let this happen to you this year. There are some great resources available to you and different ways that you can maintain, and even improve your game during a cold season or long Spring thaw.

I believe the most important part of our golf game is our body and it's connection to our swing. This is the machine that runs every golf shot and moves us through life. 

I emphasize flexibility and strength with all of my students as part of my lessons, and I recommend regular exercise and stretching year 'round. Take advantage of the resources available to you such as the exercise facility at the Sandhill Spa or a certified trainer to help develop a routine which allows you to improve or maintain strength and flexibility. Stay active, keep your machine in good order, and focus on improving a weakness or injury. Stay fit so you can hit the course in better shape this Spring.

The membership of the Running Y and the golfing public of Klamath Falls are very fortunate to now have access to TrackMan and the indoor hitting facility at our course. I highly recommend that you take advantage of this resource. Golfers can chose to work on their swing or play a round of golf on one of the several famous courses uploaded on the simulator. Stop by or call the pro shop to ask about all of the options and capabilities of the new system.

Putting is definitely part of the game which can be improved or maintained through the winter. We tend to spend more time indoors or in front of a television during the colder months, so incorporate some putting practice or games to help spend this time more productively. Make a small investment in a putting mat if you do not already have a carpet that works well for this purpose. To make sure you are working on improving your stroke pattern, I recommend some sort of device for feedback, or drills. Whether it is a training aid or simply a straight line to your target, use something which helps your set-up, your stroke, and improves the quality of impact.

As Spring approaches, get your golf game warmed up by using resources available to you at the Running Y Ranch Resort or by adding new practices to your daily routine.