Student of the Game

It is a good time to be a student of the game. Today's modern world gives us access to a great deal of information. Teachings from the past and modern methods of analysis are both available in an instant. Many players and instructors today are polarized between the old and the new. As an instructor and student of the game, I believe that it is vital to appreciate and learn from the past, while also embracing and understanding modern insights. I personally try to never promote one method or philosophy over another. There is an infinite number of ways to teach and play this game. I recommend that players and coaches keep an open mind to all lessons, both old and new, and then find what works best for them and their belief system.

There is a common thread in the history of instruction if one looks deep enough. The lessons of H.B. Farnie in 1857, relate to Seymour Dunn's lessons from 1922, which relate to Ben Hogan's teachings in 1957, which also relate to modern day understanding of kinematics, lessons from TrackMan, and pressure mapping with BodiTrak. If you are a student of the game, I encourage you to embrace both old and new. Let's all be educated, and not intimidated by a new process or new device. I admit that the modern numbers-based analysis of the golf swing can seem too technical, however, these methods of analysis should only make your teacher/coach better, and actually simplify his or her approach toward your improvement. Good coaching is still all about communication.

My personal teaching philosophy is grounded in history and supported by modern science and technology. I know that there are many ways to swing a golf club. I do, however, think that there is one, most efficient way for each individual to sequence motion, based on how we are built and what we can do physically. Finding this potential and understanding cause and effect, is why I embrace technology.

Come listen to a discussion on Saturday, June 4th, about technology in golf and how the instruction industry has evolved. The talk will be held from 4:00 to 5:00 in the simulator room of the Running Y clubhouse. There is no charge to attend but please R.S.V.P. as wine and beer will be available for purchase.