Shorten the Course

Course length and driver optimization are two major components to improving the performance of the average male amateur (AMA). The AMA has a driver club speed of around 93 mph and an average total distance of 220 yards. Most golfers are playing courses that are too long relative to their club speed and skill level. It is not to suggest that a golfer should simply play a shorter course to shoot better scores, but a golfer should play a course length that is appropriate to their level. One suggestion is to setup course length based on your club speed and driver efficiency. With average club speed at 93 mph, the AMA should be able to hit his driver around 250 yards. If a 50% greens in regulation stat was desired, then the approach shot would need to be approximately 140 yards. This means your par 4s would average 390 yards. Playing from a shorter tee box is one obvious answer. Another way to effectively shortening a golf course would be to become more efficient with your current club speed and Driver. With the AMA averaging 30 yards fewer than his potential, there is a lot of room for improvement. Schedule a session with TrackMan to help optimize your driver. As you become more efficient, you will have shorter approach shots which lead to closer proximity to the hole.