Instructional Offerings 2019


Private Instruction - $140 per hour 

If there is a particular part of your game that you wish to work on, schedule an hour lesson to help develop a plan for improvement. All lessons include a personalized video analysis of your session. Lessons are also available with BodiTrak and TrackMan.

BodiTrak Lesson - 

Experience a one hour session with leading-edge sports technology focusing on the interaction between the player and the ground – the source of balance and power generation. The BodiTrak pressure and force-sensing materials detect movement patterns in real time, giving us a window into our ground force interaction and mechanics. This information is vital to drive an efficient rotary motion and maintain balance in the golf swing, the short game, and in putting. Learn to improve your sequencing of motion with cutting edge technology.

Playing Lessons - 

Take a 9 hole playing lesson to work on your course management skills and shot selection. Learn new techniques and methods to help you improve your game and score while on the course.

TrackMan Lesson - 

TrackMan is the industry leader in launch monitors, giving players the most accurate club and ball-flight data. Using the TrackMan Performance Studio (TPS), we integrate multiple cameras to record a player's sequence of motion. Combined with impact and ball-flight information, we can quickly assess cause and effect in a golf swing and build a plan towards improvement. A screencast recording of your lesson will be sent to your computer or mobile device so you can view your lesson at home.

TrackMan Combine - 

The TrackMan Combine is a standardized test created by TrackMan to rate your distance control and accuracy. It is used by professionals, collegiate athletes and amateurs across the globe.Your game will be tested through 60 shots from 9 different yardages, ending with your driver. Your score, based on your personal results, enables you to compare yourself to players around the world. The Combine is a great way to assess strengths and weaknesses, allowing you to better focus your development as a player.

Group Lessons and Package Rates available on request