Bruce: First of all, thanks for the awesome lesson on Sunday. You very quickly found my flaws and guided me back to being able to strike the ball. Also, you made the time very enjoyable. Then the video you sent was extremely helpful. I have never had tools like this to use in the past. I was able to play this week and put much of your advice to work.Plenty to work on for sure, but I am able to enjoy playing again. I will be back to see you in a few weeks for the next step. Thanks again for my best golf instruction experience ever. - R.C.

Bruce, I want you to know today was by far the best golf lesson I’ve ever had. Your listening skills are great. You provide just the right amount of feedback and information. The video lesson recap is awesome and an invaluable reminder of what to work on. I will be happy to spread the word of your greatness, but don’t forget us little people when you’re swamped in lessons and notoriety. Seriously, thanks a bunch for everything. - M.S.

Hi Bruce, I just wanted to write you to say thank you for all you did for me and my golf game. Now that my career as a competitive golfer is over I look back and it really set in just how much having you as a swing coach really helped my game. No matter how simple the fix or frustrated I was you were able to refocus me and get me back on the right track. I definitely credit a lot of my growth as a player to the instructional times we had together. Thank you for the work you put in not only with me but with the program as a whole. It really was a privilege to be able to work with you.  -N.H.

Shot 67 today with 1 bogey, Bruce. Can't thank you enough.   -A.R.

Hi Bruce, The two day golf school was fun and informative, plus a great refresher.  It is amazing how easy it is to get locked into bad habits and forget good fundamentals.  I really enjoyed all the tips and know that my game will benefit if I just practice, practice, practice.  I'm actually looking forward to practice now that I know what I need to work on!  Having the video analysis is an excellent way to stay on track. Thanks so much!   -K.E.

Bruce, I just wanted to thank you again for your much needed help on my golf game. You gave me tips and ideas that I could easily implement right away and reap the rewards. Yesterday, after a near 300 yard drive, I was able to reach the par 5 17th in two and that is directly due to your influence. Now I won't go into too deeply about the 3 putt that followed, and focus on the positives. Anyway, thanks for making golf fun again!   -T.J.

Bruce, It has been a real pleasure training with you! I don't have a lot of experience or past history of golf lessons to compare but my overall thoughts are that you clearly love what you are doing and that readily translates to providing a fantastic and fun training environment. More specifically I really admired your philosophy on each player having a unique swing that works for that individual and not trying to boot camp the lesson into a cookie cutter swing. K and I both agree that you as a coach and your teaching philosophy can be summed up as "quality and effective". I am really excited to come back for more instruction. I finally broke 90 following Sundays lesson! Noticeable immediate improvement in each facet of the game. Having some direction is making this really fun. Really excited to continue learning from you.   -D.K.

Hi Bruce, I am back in Hawaii and wanted to thank you again for the lesson. I really enjoyed having more insight into how my swing should feel, something I could not do on my with many players who go in and out of "hot" streaks and not knowing why it goes off the rails. I enjoyed your teaching style as it was most akin to how my most productive professional lessons were taught years ago. Many Thanks & Aloha.   -K.H.

Hi Bruce, I just wanted you to know that your are an exceptional golf pro, your teaching skills are exemplary. I think I can actually golf a reasonable game now…well maybe i still need more help. The new golf clubs took a little time to get use to but my last game before I left the desert I was very pleased with them. Actually one on my all time lowest scores! Thanks again Bruce, for your help and I hope our paths cross again at some point.   - B.P.

Bruce has a passion for golf instruction that shows up in all areas of our interaction with him.  Bruce has a strong knowledge of the golf swing, and he has an eye for what is working well for a student and where the student needs to focus on improvement.  Bruce incorporates some of the latest technology, including TrackMan, V1 Video Analysis, and a weight pressure pad that reads the golfer's weight shift pattern throughout the swing.  One of his strongest skills is his ability to communicate ... he is amazingly skilled at figuring out how each student learns and what works best for each student.  Bruce is also very good at encouragement ... helping golfers believe that they are on the right track and that they are going to get better. Bruce gets excited when he sees a little improvement over the course of a lesson, and that excitement is contagious! As single-digit handicaps, my wife and I have greatly benefited from the instruction that Bruce is able to provide.  We have also seen the benefit of his high-level instruction as he has worked with the OIT college golf team and local high-level junior amateur players.  At the same time, he is very accomplished at working with less skilled golfers.  We have recommended Bruce to several of our golfing friends and acquaintances of various ages and skill levels, and all of them have come back with rave reviews about their experience with him.   -C.P.

Hi Bruce, I'm sitting on a plane waiting to take off and I read your note. You are a class act my friend and did a fantastic job with everybody at the school. Thanks for being open to this and I hope you feel like it was beneficial. Your personality and teaching skills were apparent. If I see anything that I think might have your name on it I'll be your cheerleader. Thanks again for your contribution. -A.R.

I would like to express that both my husband and myself hold Mr. Wilkins' quality of character, teaching and professionalism in the absolute highest regard.  We have been able to travel to various places specifically to attend different golf schools and have had the opportunity to be taught by many professionals and teachers.  We most certainly believe that Bruce is by far one of the best.  In our opinion, Running Y and the Klamath Basin are very fortunate to have a PGA professional like Bruce with his skills and abilities here with us. No other course in the Basin, nor any surrounding areas offer Bruce's knowledge and ability to work with many different age and skill levels.   He is able to successfully relate to and work with the higher skilled players, those just starting out and everyone in between.  We have referred many of our friends of various skill levels to Bruce. They all come back with comments agreeing with our opinion of him.   -J.P.

Bruce, I truly cannot thank you enough for your help today. It means so much to me that you would take time out of your day to help me regain my love of golf and get back in a positive mind set. I also appreciate so much that you are willing to stand in my corner and help voice my opinions and frustrations to the other coaches. I am VERY thankful for you and all your help. Thank you SO MUCH!!   -H.F.

Bruce, I have to tell you that you are brilliant. I played 9 holes Wed afternoon. I was nervous because it seemed too soon after my lesson. I had practiced in the kitchen by holding onto the counter and doing the footwork. I had practiced off the mat a little and it seemed to be working. But could I take it onto the course? Would I be stuck between old and new? Bruce, I shot 46. I didn't have a blow-up hole. I even hit my 3 wood. I did what you told me to do. Only think about my feet. Every time the club came back to the ball and the ball went up and far and straight, I was in shock. If I had done the same thing on the back nine I would have broken 100 for the first time. Also for the first time in my life I felt like a real golfer. How did you know to bring the footwork mat with you--that that was what I was ready for? You are the best ever.   -S.H.

Bruce, even though I’m sure you know - you were a monumental force in my life, making me fall in love with not only the game, but the science/art of the swing and understanding way more than I can actually do.  To this day I have never seen anyone who could make the game look as fun and easy as you.  I’ve also never seen or even heard of an instructor who explained things in a way that you do - things like “posting up” or thinking about where your center of gravity is, or even weight distribution down to the ball and heel of each foot, and most of all, “low point.” These are things that a player of any skill level can relate to and pay attention to without having to think about their path. plane, face angle, face angle to path comparison, smash factor, shaft vibration frequency, shaft lean, power accumulators, angle of attack,   P1, P5, this lever, that lever…I can go on and on. With you, it’s always been about thoughts, vision, imagination, and feel.   -J.U.

Thank you so much, Bruce.  Your instruction sessions were the best I have ever had, by far.  Your thought and hard work in putting them together, along with the followup materials were invaluable.  All the best to you, and we may well meet again!  -M

Oh boy....I like it!  Ball striking might just have a chance to move up the favorite list!  I could already notice a difference when I get that arm, elbow, wrist combination working.   When I get it even kind of right, it feels like that club is just going to come down on its own and hit the ball on a good path with a lot of compression and then - there it goes- solid and straight!   Maybe there is our extra 10-15  or so yards we are looking for...? Really good work today....thanks Bruce!  Appreciate your help very much!  Will keep you posted on the progress. - J.P.

Bruce, I wanted to extend a huge thank you. You have helped me improve my game so much over the past 3 years, and I have greatly appreciated every lesson with you. You were a great coach and advocate for me. Thank you so much for everything, it was a pleasure being coached by you. - H.F.

Because of you I didn't quit golf. I was able to improve enough to stay out there and make valuable friendships. And lately, I have felt good on the course and enjoyed myself. - S.H.

Many thanks again for providing these great lessons.  The videos are excellent and will be a good visual reminder of what I need to continue to work on! - J.S.