The Body-Swing Connection

There is a direct correlation between our physical abilities and how we are able to move throughout our golf swing. I have been interested in what makes instruction "stick" with some players, and is fleeting with others. My interest in this paradigm led me to learn more about the body and its connection to our personal swing.

Think back to past lessons and how the instructor may have asked you to try to position yourself and the club in a certain manner, or swing in a certain style. Were you able to do it during the lesson, and did it "stick," allowing you to play better golf - or did the instruction seem to fade, putting you right back where you were prior to the lesson? Are you capable of making the motion being asked of you? Did the style of the instruction take away your dynamic ability to play good golf? If these questions resonate with you, I understand.

The quest for improving my knowledge and ability to help my students improve their game and efficiency, led me to the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI). The educational platform provided by TPI provides valuable information on the human body and what is involved physically in producing an efficient motion in golf. We all have different limitations and abilities. Understanding how these factors may affect our swing is paramount to building, and improving, our own personal motion. There are numerous patterns which produce quality golf shots, but only one that may work most efficiently for the individual. This is based on what he or she can do physically. If our mobility or stability is dysfunctional, the TPI educational platform helps the instructor guide students towards corrective exercises and/or drills to improve the quality of motion.

Understanding the body-swing connection can be valuable for the player, but it needs to be a requirement for the teacher/coach. Please come to my presentation on this topic on Saturday, May 14th. The event will be from 5:00 to 6:00 and will be held in the simulator room of the Running Y clubhouse. There will be no charge to attend, but please R.S.V.P. as wine and beer will be available for purchase. Come early or stay late and enjoy a conversation about the body-swing connection and the evolution of golf instruction.