The Stockton Method

One the the most popular putting instructors today is Dave Stockton. His method has attracted some of the top players in the world and has been taught and adopted by many. Here are some of the key points of the Stockton putting method. 

Have a consistent pre-putt routine that is short and exactly alike each and every time. Read from the low side of the putt and behind the putt from a low angle only. Know where the "front door" of the cup is based on the break of the green. Don’t take too much time behind the putt, when you think too much the mind will introduce negative thoughts unnecessarily. Visualize the putt rolling and dropping into the cup. Get your eyes directly over the ball. A putt should be rolled and not struck, simply allow the ball to be in the way of your smooth stroke. Keep the back stroke and the follow through as low as possible. Aim the back of the left wrist at the target at all times. Have confidence in your brain’s ability to perform, let the subconscious mind do its work. Believe it and visualize success.

Maybe one or several of these points can help you in your own putting and be sure to stop by the Running Y pro-shop to try out one of our top new putters.