Golf is an athletic game. It takes some physical skill to move throughout our golf swing. However, it takes no athletic ability to get in proper alignment with our chosen path/direction. If you find yourself struggling to get aligned to your target, try this simple process.

For this example, we are trying to get aligned parallel to our target line or swing direction. First, start behind the ball. Face your ball, which is now between you and your chosen target or intended path. Visually trace an imagined line on the ground that runs from your target, back to your ball. Now identify a spot on this "line" that is no more than 3 feet in front of your ball. Approach the ball while focusing on this spot in front of the ball and not your target in the distance. Place your club behind the ball, perpendicular or "square" to your "line," pointing at your spot. Next, step into your stance and align your feet perpendicular to your club face, which is now pointing at your spot, which is on your intended target line. Once you are set, look down your "line" all the way back to your target. Now make your swing with the confidence that you are aligned properly. Practice this process to make it part of your routine for every shot.