Why TrackMan?

At the Running Y, we are very fortunate to have access to such a well-designed course and excellent practice and golf facilities. The existing golf experience will soon be further enhanced with the addition of TrackMan to the Running Y.

TrackMan is the industry leader in measuring two major influences on ball-flight; club-head and ball data. Using radar, TrackMan measures angles, speeds, and distances. With 26 different data points, TrackMan has influenced how golf professionals not only understand what makes a ball do what it does in flight, but also how we teach and continue to learn about impact. 

But "why" TrackMan for the average golfer? Simply put, TrackMan answers questions with facts. Facts give us all knowledge and trust. You don't need to be a tour professional to understand and appreciate how and why our golf ball moves after impact. When we learn the "why" associated with ball-flight, we can begin to focus on how we can either change our swing or equipment to affect our personal results. 

The Running Y has become a leader in golf swing and ball-flight analysis with the addition of TrackMan. I encourage everyone to experience how TrackMan can work for them and their own personal game.